Icon Trio is a vocal ensemble formed by three highly-experienced and respected classical singers from Melbourne, Australia.  The trio was formed in 2011 for the VoxPix “voices and images” project, in which they collaborated with instrumentalists, choir, visual artist and animator to provide a live soundtrack to a film of glowing, icon-inspired artworks. VoxPix inspired the trio to continue creating and commissioning multidisciplinary performance projects, exploring vocal music from the Medieval era to today.
Justine, Vivien, and Jeannie each bring decades of performance experience to Icon Trio. Their experiences cover a diverse range of vocal genres, such as: contemporary chamber ensemble, cabaret, historically-informed early music performance practice, contemporary opera and music-theatre, and standard classical repertoire (oratorio, opera, recital). Their combination of specialist expertise enables them to explore a broad range of repertoire, integrating new and old music.
Icon Trio aims to re-discover and re-invent the rich possibilities for female vocal trio, thus creating a rare body of work. The trio have a shared passion for new vocal music, and they feel energised by working with composers and other artists. In all their project they bring a commitment to exquisite poetry, theatricality, vigorous performance, and musical excellence.
**Image displayed is a detail of a larger work by the artist James Yuncken.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you for introducing me to Scottish Haiku. I was enthralled and enchanted by the performance of the Haiku at Barwon Park I would have been happier if the whole set of them had been performed as a whole. Please let me know if/ when a performance is due. Thank you again for a very enjoyable afternoon.

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